Tuesday, February 11, 2014

#ChickLitLove Book Excerpt!

Romance is in the air! More #Chicklitlove to share! (I did not mean for that to rhyme, I swear... ha! I did it again... sorry.) 

For the second day of Valentine's week, my fellow Chick Lit lovelies and I are sharing a little romantic excerpt from our books. So here is a little something from Thirty-Two Going on Spinster!

My computer beeps and I look and see I have an e-mail from one Jared Moody. My heart starts to thump in my chest as I double-click on it.

Thanks for your help today. Any chance there are cupcakes leftover from yesterday?

I try not to get too caught up in how I honestly want to react here, which is spending forty-five minutes writing a one sentence reply. I need to reply now. So without thinking it over too much, I write this:

You’re welcome, anytime. Cupcakes are gone, I’m afraid. They never last past the first day.

I push the send button and wait, hoping for a reply. It doesn’t take too long for my computer to beep again.

I figured. Too bad. I was craving one. What can I say to convince you to bring some more?

I should say something witty here, right? Like “only just the promise of your firstborn.” But that’s stupid and contrived… Can’t I come up with something better? I have nothing though, no good reply. I’m rusty when it comes to bantering with the opposite sex. I reply quickly not allowing myself to over-think it.

No convincing necessary. I’ll bring some on Monday. :)

Crap. I just added the dreaded smiley face to the end of my e-mail and hit send too fast before I could erase it. Stupid, stupid spinster. Not only that, I just essentially told him I have nothing better to do this weekend than make cupcakes. I seriously need to go back to over-analyzing everything. It’s better that way.
 My computer beeps:

Excellent. That will make for a better Monday. ;)

Oh! Okay, he just sent back a smiley face, too—and a winking one at that. That means something, right? It’s like a flirty-smiley face. Or it could also be that the colon and the semi-colon buttons are on the same key and can easily be mixed up. Whatever. Clearly, I have some considerable reading into and over-analyzing of this little e-mail chat.

Who needs to do work when there are so much more important things to do?  

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