Monday, June 30, 2014

Very Inspiring Blogger Award/Tour

Yikes! I've been tagged!! 
This is my first blog tag. I'm feeling quite loved! I was tagged by the fabulous Tracy Krimmer. Check her out here: Tracy is the author of Pieces of it All, which I'm DYING to read!! Got it loaded up on my kindle and ready to go... now I just need a vacation so I can read all the books I want to read. 
These are the rules for the bog hop: 

1. Link back to the person nominating you for the award. 

2. Display the Very Inspiring Blogger Logo.

3. Reveal seven things about yourself.
Uh, seven things about myself... yikes. Okay, here goes: 
Tidbit #1: If I was stranded on a deserted island I would be happy for the rest of my life with cantaloupe and Hot Tamales (the candy). Okay, and chocolate too. 
Tidbit #2: Throughout my life I have attempted to play the violin, the cello, the bass violin, the clarinet, the piano, the guitar, the ukulele, the drums, and the electric bass. I stuck with guitar the longest, but probably haven’t picked up my guitar in about 3 years (sad). 
Tidbit #3: I love to sing and once sang back-up on an album for an up-and-coming rap artist in Boulder, Colorado. I've never heard of him since. 
Tidbit #4: I have always wanted to have magical powers – thus my love for Sabrina the Teenage Witch reruns and Harry Potter. 
Tidbit #5: I hate shredded coconut and I tell people I am allergic to it so I don’t have to eat it. 
Tidbit #6: In the 6th grade I got my ears pierced and then pretended like they got infected so I could get attention. 
Tidbit #7: I love math and wish I were better at it. 
This should really be called seven random things that have no rhyme or reason. :) 
4. Nominate seven others to receive the award.
Get excited! :) I nominate: 
Kathryn Biel: Biel Blather One cool chick and an amazing writer as well. She's my on-line author BFF. So, my OLABFF. 
Tracie Banister: Books by Banister One of my fav chick lit authors and the admin leader (for which I am a partner-in-crime) for Chick Lit Chat HQ 
Ophelia London: My sista from anotha mutha and author extraordinaire. I heart this gal. 
Cat Lavoie: Mucho mucho talented author, Cat knows her chick lit and writes it well. 
Jennifer Gilby Roberts: British chick lit author who's books I adore. Can't say enough fabulous things about Jennifer. 
Melissa Baldwin: New to the writing world, Melissa's debut novel is fab! She is also a dear friend (so don't hate me for tagging you). 
Glynis Astie: Another author who's book I can't wait to read! This author journey has introduced me to a lot of people and I'm lucky I've gotten to meet and spend time with Glynis! 

Interview with Author Melissa Baldwin!

Today, I'm introducing you to a new author on the block - Melissa Baldwin!

Tell me about your latest book:
My debut novel- An Event to Remember… or Forget.

Sienna Harris is used to planning every aspect of her life.  She is starting her own company, finally leaving Carrie’s Classic Events and More.  Everything is going perfectly, except in her relationship. Her boyfriend Luke is somewhat emotionally unavailable, but she really loves him so she is patient with him. Everyone around her seems to be moving on in their relationships and she is hoping for the same thing.

When Luke’s friend Ace shows up it really throws her for a loop. In the mean time she is struggling with the guilt of leaving Carrie and not being honest about her new company. She also has made the commitment to personal friends/clients to plan their charity event and doesn't want to disappoint them. It is a fun story full of ups and downs and there are plenty of surprises that I don’t think readers will expect.

What inspired you to write this story?
I have always loved writing; I kept journals for years. In college I actually enjoyed writing papers.

I started my first book about three different times over the years. Each time it had a different plot and main character(s). I could never seem to pull it together until a very good friend followed her dream and published her first novel. This inspired me to finally follow through.

Tell me a little about your Works in Progress: 
I have started my second novel/ a spin off to An Event to Remember…or Forget, I’m really excited to explore the characters some more. I think the readers will really enjoy it.

Do you have a favorite writing snack?
This is a funny question. I usually write late at night. Before I started writing I would snack at night, since I started my book I don’t snack anymore. I guess that is a good thing?

If a movie was made about your book, who would be in your ideal cast?
This is hard (even though I admit I have thought about it)

I think Amy Adams would be the perfect Sienna. Luke-Bradley Cooper, Ace- Ryan Gosling, Madison- Cameron Diaz, Abby- Reese Witherspoon, Carrie- Michelle Pfeiffer, Craig- Neil Patrick Harris

Do you have a character you've enjoyed writing the most?
I really connected with all of my characters. Ace being the perfect “book boyfriend” was fun. I also enjoyed Craig and Carrie

What do you do for fun when you’re not writing? 
Another funny question- I have so many other responsibilities there is not much free time. Other than being with my family, I love to work out, read and travel.

What sort of books do you like to read?
Chick-Lit is my genre. I have tried to branch out but I seem to always come back.

Do you have any advice for people wanting to write their own book?
Be patient with yourself, try not to get to frustrated when the ideas aren't flowing.

What parts of the writing process do you love and hate the most?
I love creating and developing characters. I also get excited as I watch my word count go up.The editing/proofreading period is my least favorite part, I hate waiting!

I highly recommend this book! It's a fun chick lit escape! To purchase click here: 

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